Soap Therapy and Its Wonderful Effects

Did you know that there is such an amazing thing as soap therapy? Yes, soap actually has more to offer than just plain cleansing. It can provide us with a multitude more of health benefits, BUT only if we use the right soap.

By “the right soap” we do not mean the commercial soaps widely available. We mean the pure, organic and natural soap that can only be found in homemade soap.

Soap Aromatherapy

Soap therapy involves soaps which contain essential oils and enhancers that have therapeutic effects. These are the soaps which can give a relaxing, healing and stress-relieving effect on our skin and our body as a whole.

Soaps for Bath Therapy

If you would like to relieve yourself from the usual stresses of daily life, there is nothing more relaxing than taking a good bath or soaking on a warm tub. Using a soap that is nice smelling and has a relaxation-inducing effect can make the experience much more fulfilling.

Soaps for Massage Therapy

A massage soap bar can also give you the best spa and massage experience. There is no better way than this to give yourself and your skin a treat.

What makes all these even more exciting is that these soaps can be within your reach. Feel free to browse through the pages in this category for more information on soaps for soap therapy. We also have recipes which can come in handy for you.

What You Need to Know About Making an Acne Soap

Tried every soap there is to get rid of that acne, but nothing seem to work? Maybe this is the time to alter your approach. Why not make your own natural acne soap and be in control of what you put onto your face?

Acne is a skin problem that many of us go through. They are very unsightly, not to mention how stubborn they can be. When treating acne, it is important that you do not apply any harsh chemicals on your face. If you do so, you will strip your skin of its natural moisture, making it even more prone to acne and further irritation.

There are a wide number of acne soaps available in the market today which all help in clearing acne. While some of them prove to actually be effective, they do not come cheap. You will get yourself a lot of savings and nourish your skin a lot better if you make your very own natural acne soap.

Let us take a look at some of the best acne soaps and check what components they have that make them effective.

Acne Aid Soap. Acne aid is just like a regular facial soap, only that it does not contain abrasives, irritating perfumes or coloring. It is a purely natural soap without any perks.

Aveeno Acne Soap. The Aveeno acne bar soap is a soap-free facial cleanser which contains a high level of oatmeal. It is the oat flour which promotes its softening and smoothening effect on the skin. It also has no unpleasant substances..

Softto Acne Face Soap. Softto acne face washing soap is a perfumed soap that contains natural refined extracts from special fruit plants. This China-made formulation has positive effect on acne and makes skin soft, clean, and white.

Making Your Own Home-made Soap for Acne

Goats Milk Soap for Acne

One of the most popular acne soap natural recipe is the one involving Goat Milk as its major component. This can be made simply by the melt and pour method with Goat’s milk soap base. You can add in shea butter, coconut oil, then some honey and oatmeal for maximum acne-fighting effect.

Tea Tree Oil Soap for Acne

Tea tree oil can be very effective against acne due to its active anti-bacterial effect. You can simply add tea tree essence and some exfoliating beads into a glycerin melt and pour soap base. You can add in some natural fragrance to fight the strong smell of tea tree.

Sulfur Soap and Acne

Another of the most widely used acne treatment is sulfur soaps. You can also make your very own sulfur based soap for clearing acne. Sulfur has a natural anti-bacterial property and can help naturally eliminate excess oils on the face. Sulfur soap contains about 3% to 5% precipitated sulfur as its active effect. The rest of its components are natural, though a fragrance is used to counter the strength of sulfur.

There are a wide number of acne soap recipes you can find online. You can choose from these formulations and treat acne on your own in the most natural and effective way.

Treat Eczema through A Good Home-made Eczema Soap

Desperately suffering from eczema? Why not try making your very own eczema soap? You will surely be amazed about what a simple formulation can do to your skin condition.

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a skin condition that many of us suffer from. It is a type of skin inflammation that can cause anything from minor burning and itching to a gushing wound.They are due to an allergic reaction and is almost impossible to treat.

Eczema and Commercial Soaps

It is unfortunate that most commercial soaps available today contain harsh ingredients. The harsh content in this soap can lead to rashes, allergic reactions, and to eczema in worse cases.

Chemicals can deplete our skin’s natural oils, leaving it vulnerable to illness and discomfort.. In fact, medical practitioners highly discourage the use of commercial soaps as they can worsen eczema symptoms.

Cures for Eczema

To treat eczema skin symptoms, there are topical treatment lotions and creams which can be applied. There are also oral medications that claim to get rid of the underlying cause of eczema.

Herbal remedies in the form of herbal extracts such as neem, wormwood, kutki, camphor, sandalwood, spearmint, carrot, papaya seeds and muskmelon have also been found to relieve eczema skin symptoms.

Recent studies have suggested the equal effectiveness of soap for eczema. This is the most natural treatment for eczema, so it should be worth a try. With pure natural soap, you will enrich your skin with the right nutrients it needs. Not only that, you also seal in its natural moisture to prevent dryness and irritation.

Making your own soap for eczema, coupled by lifestyle changes – these are two of the most effective treatment for eczema.

Homemade eczema soaps are much like bulk bar soaps which you can find in craft stores. It is the enhancers and additives that are responsible for its anti-eczema property. In fact, there are a wide variety of eczema soap recipes which can be found online. They vary slightly in terms of formulation, but a typical recipe goes something like this:

1. Take your soap base (melt and pour method) then allow to melt at low heat. If using the cold process, add water into lye at 3:1 proportion then mix well.
2. Add in avocado oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil and palm oil at 1: 0.8: 0.5: 0.5: 3: 2 proportion, respectively.
3. Mix everything then blend well at low heat (100 degrees Fahrenheit).
4. Pour mixture into a molder. Let it sit for thirty minutes to an hour then put in a freezer for another hour or two.
5. Unmold and enjoy!

How to Eliminate eczema without the use of medication?

Another alternative yet equally effective formulation for eczema soap involves the use of Goat’s Milk. Goat’s Milk has natural moisturizing and nourishing abilities making it effective for combatting symptoms of eczema. You can simply buy a Goat’s Milk bar soap base widely available in soap making supply shops and crafts stores.

Provide your skin with its healthiest potential. It deserves all the nourishing and pampering it needs with natural soap products.

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